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Recent content by Piroca de Deus

  1. Piroca de Deus

    Happy Birthday dOber

    Oh its @dOber birthday! Happy birthday bro! :D
  2. Piroca de Deus

    =[JFF]= Tournament -- Anybody interested ?? 18-19.01.2020

    idk my schedules and availability, but for now sure, its + for me
  3. Piroca de Deus

    Server crashing?

    Hey guys Probably a server #3 problem, when I connect, the game crashed like 30 seconds later, and it's happening to everyone... can anyone check? Thx
  4. Piroca de Deus

    CoD4 abc

    1.Name of the Cheater / Rule Breaker? abc 2.Cheat / Rule type (aimbot, wallhack, glitching...etc.) Teamkilling with RPG 3.Server? #3 4.Proof?(demo, screenshot) 5.Time and date on which you recorded the demo: Around 15:15 GMT...
  5. Piroca de Deus

    CoD4 braga

    1.Name of the Cheater / Rule Breaker? braga 2.Cheat / Rule type (aimbot, wallhack, glitching...etc.) glitch (after being told a few times to stop) 3.Server? #3 4.Proof?(demo, screenshot)
  6. Piroca de Deus

    Map Record

    Playing Creek SD I got 6 kills without dying in one round Player "XXX" in the other team got 5 kills without dying in same round At the end of the round a message appear: "Player "XXX" set a new map record of 5 kills" So... can anyone explain how this works and fix it? It's not the first time...
  7. Piroca de Deus

    Your in-game screenshots (use spoilers or thumbnails)

    First time I post here Having some good time on Strike SD Unfortunately had to leave at that moment (7-4)...
  8. Piroca de Deus


    Real name : David In-game name : Piroca de Deus Age : 19 Country : Portugal Why do you want to join ? : Mainly to do actions the other admins do on servers, but when they're not there. I mean, I hate playing with the game unbalanced or with raging people or cheaters, and not be able to do...
  9. Piroca de Deus

    DirectX Problem

    Hey guys! I've been playing in the =[JFF]= Cracked Server #3 Hardcore for the last months and I never had a problem with the server or the game. Today I was trying to open the game and this appears, and then the game closes... (the singleplayer shows a similar error) From what I searched on...
  10. Piroca de Deus

    CoD4 Piroca de Deus (Unban Request)

    Your name/nick in game?: Piroca de Deus Your IP?: (idk, is it that?) Which one of our Admins banned you?: Bauer i think (with a wrong JFF tag, so it might not have been him) Why you were banned?: That thing says "Unbalancing", when I was already playing in the map since the...