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  1. Firework

    map rotation COD4 #3 Hardcore 8/7/2014

    1.SAB Crossfire 2.S&D Crash 3.TDM Backlot 4.SAB Strike 5.S&D Vacant 6.TDM Overgrown 7.SAB Crossfire 8.S&D Showdown 9.TDM Broadcast 10.DOM Citystreets 11.S&D ChinaTown 12.TDM Pipleline
  2. Firework

    My car pictures :)

    not mine this at photo,but same car and same color :)
  3. Firework

    map rotation COD 4 #2 28/04/2014

    yo guys,small changes to rot,hope you like it rot will change again in month,tell me what changes wan for add at next rot 1.SAB crossfire 2.S&D crash 3.TDM backlot 4.SAB bloc 5.S&D pipleline 6.TDM broadcast 7.DOM citystreets 8.S&D crash 9.TDM Overgrown 10.SAB strike 11.TDM ambush 12.S&D vacant
  4. Firework

    map rotation COD 4 #2 11/3/2014

    yo guys,its not go much changes i think,added crash 2times in rot and change some modes 1.SAB crossfire 2.S&D crash 3.TDM backlot 4.SAB strike 5.S&D showdown 6.TDM broadcast 7.SAB ambush 8.S&D crash 9.DOM citystreets 10.TDM overgrown 11.S&D china town 12.TDM bloc its not added in server...
  5. Firework

    stop spamming

    do not post if got nothing to say most times happen at applys for join from now good luck posts will go together with warn thats for all (members and non members)
  6. Firework

    map rotation COD 4 #2 update 19/01/2014

    Hi guys,new rot for server2,crash back to normal and some maps changed,hope you like it ^^ 1.SAB Crossfire 2.S&D Crash 3.DOM Citystreets 4.SAB Ambush 5.S&D Backlot 6.TDM bloc 7.SAB Strike 8.S&D Vacant 9.TDM Overgrown 10.DOM China Town 11.S&D Showdown 12.TDM Broadcast
  7. Firework

    hahahahaha hahahahahhaa
  8. Firework

    pb error

    yo guys^^ when me connect server i got error =[JFF]=Firework PunkBuster kicked player '=[JFF]=Firework' fail:corrupted file/memory 81354 anyone know something plz help me fix^^
  9. Firework

  10. Firework

    firework want to join

    Real name :dimitris Ingame name :firework Age :22 Country :greece Xfire :dimis22 Why you want to join ? :i wan join because play cod only at jff server,and like jff members,also hate hackers Which games you play :cod4 What you can do to make jff better ?:i help to...
  11. Firework

    new maps

    i play at hardcore server only,we all bored old maps,but sure old maps is better than new,small maps tdm give only spawn kills,speak with some ppl and think the same,dont know if some ppl like,i wan change,i like crash and china town s&d,but tdm maps vacant and backlot always spawn...